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Handmade woodcarving knives by Helvie Knives, LLC.


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Helvie Knife Sets

Product Image Price-
Helvie Starter Set $99.00

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Helvie Starter Set

STARTER SET 1 A great starter set for beginners as well as accomplished carvers. The set comes with three knives; a Mini Detail Knife, a Detail Knife...
Helvie Gouges $22.00

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Helvie Gouges

HELVIE THUMB NAIL GOUGES Each of the gouges have a palm tool handle measuring approximately 2-5/8" long. These are similar to the Bullnose Gouges...
Helvie Advanced Set $130.00

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Helvie Advanced Set

Advanced set for those carvers that want to carve small as well as medium size carvings. The addition of the Mini Detail Knife to this set adds not...
Helvie Master Set $165.00

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Helvie Master Set

Want to carve from a block of wood as well as from roughouts? Then the master set is for you. The addition of the Jumbo Knife, also known as the...
Helvie Broad Axe Set $102.00

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Helvie Broad Axe Set

A set of three Broad Axe knives that some carvers call one of the most universal set of knives. There uses are targeted for relief carving but more...
Don's Choice Set $111.00

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Don's Choice Set

Renowned wood carver Don Mertz has chosen a special 3 knife set. He was asked if he was stranded on an island of Basswood trees what three knives...
Helvie Miniature Knife Set $150.00

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Helvie Miniature Knife Set

Helvie Knives has a new set of knives for individuals that want to carve on a smaller scale; smaller blocks of wood.  The idea originated with a...

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