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Roger Stegall and Rich & Holli Smithson owners of Helvie Knives have been working together to bring out a new line of Signature Series knives.

Roger Stegall began his woodcarving journey at a very young age when he was carving toy guns for his friends, because the store-bought toys just weren't quite right. He had an uncle that whittled the ball and chains and decided he could do it too, so he did. He's kept some of his earliest work to see how really far he's come!

As a hobby, Roger continued to whittle and carve while raising a family and working as a letter carrier for the Postal Service. After 32 years of delivering mail, he is now retired and finally enjoying his first love of wood by designing, carving and finishing his many "friends" of hillbillies, soldiers, mountain men, Native American Indians, Santa's and lots more.

As a teen-ager Roger met Harold Enlow at Dog Patch and found out there were carving knives (not just Pocket knives) to use when you carved! He began taking classes when possible and participated in several of the Ed Zinger Rendezvous' in Branson and the Silver Dollar City Carving Seminars taking from many of the top carvers: Harold Enlow, Pete Engler, Steve Brown, and Gerald Sears.

He is a founding member of the Central Arkansas Woodcarving Club. Roger has taught at the Arkansas Arts Center and offers seminars and classes throughout Arkansas. He was a member of the Ozark Craft Guild. His work has been in the Smithsonian Gift Shops and he carved an Angel for the White House Christmas Tree when Bill Clinton was President.

Roger has received many ribbons and awards from the Caricature Carvers of America and the International Wood Carving Congress and loves the competition!

Retirement from the Postal Service has given him the time to focus on style and hone his carving skills. Roger has said many times he's been carving for many years (it became easier when he was using sharp knives) but the best carvings are yet to come.

He makes his home in Mayflower, AR with his wife Kathy and two grandchildren ages 8 and 16 (both boys). The 16 yr. old plans on being a rock star, and the 8 year old has started carving.

His best carving tips:

· Learn to sharpen your tools; you need a sharp knife or tool for carving.

  • The "eyes" are the key to your carving.
  • Take your time.

Helvie Knives is proud to add Roger Stegall to its line of Signature Series Knives.

Signature Series 1 - Roughout Blade, approximately 2-1/4" long, approximately 1/2" wide and .050 blade thickness. Handle 5" long and natural wood.

Signature Series 2 - Roughout Scimitar Blade, approximately 2" long, approximately 1/2" wide, .050 blade thickness and sharpened on the curve part of the blade allowing for slicing cuts. Handle 5" long and natural wood.

Signature Series 3 - Detail Scimitar Blade, approximately 1-3/4" long, approximately 1/2" wide, .035 blade thickness and sharpened on the curve part of the blade allowing for slicing cuts. Handle 5" long and natural wood.

Knives are custom made please allow 7-10 days shipping, don't forget to add a sheath and strop.

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