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Dwayne Gosnell Signature Series Knife


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Helvie Knives is proud to introduce the Dwayne Gosnell Signature Series Knives. Dwayne, Rich and Holli Smithson of Helvie Knives have been working together to bring out a new line of knives.

Dwayne Gosnell lives in Hickory North Carolina with his daughter Payton working full-time as a local Deputy. Carving is a release from the high stress job. He began his carving journey after buying a carving knife and gouge from a local supplier. From the moment knife hit wood he was hooked. Soon after carving he went to a local club meeting and met Mitch Cartledge. He and Mitch carved over a year once a week. These lessons laid the foundation to create proportions and expressions in caricature carving. Dwayne has won numerous awards in competitions on the East Coast as well as ribbons in the caricature carvers of America competition. He teaches private classes and small groups in his spare time. However, when asked he will tell you his greatest achievement is the friends he has found along the way....

All of the Dwayne Gosnell knife handles are made from Natural Wood and come with Dwayne's Signature, Series Number and Knife Number as to when they are made. All information is hand wood burned into the handle. All handles are approximately 5 inches in length. All knives are custom made by hand one at a time please allow 14-21 days to make them. Don't forget to add a sheath or strop with this mighty fine knives.

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