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Roger Strautman Signature Series Knife


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Rich and Holli Smithson of Helvie Knives has been working with renowned chip caver Roger Strautman to create a new Signature Series knife. Roger has designed 2 different chip carving blades that are new to the Helvie line of knives. We are proud to add Roger Strautman to our line of Signature Knives.

As a young boy of 10 yrs. old, Roger Strautman learned to become a "do-it-yourself" work ethical person from his Grandparents, who allowed him to whittle using a knife. At Woodlan High School in Indiana, he had several semesters of woodworking shop during his freshman year; where one of his projects was to wood carve a ball on the inside of a box. During this time period, his interest in woodcarving began. After high school, Roger found himself in the construction business and continues in that profession today in Fort Wayne Indiana. Fort Wayne has a Woodcarvers Club, but Roger rarely attends due to availability of the daytime hours.

In 1997, Roger acquired some chip carving books which enabled him to make some of his first carving and whittling tools. In 1999, he took two Wayne Barton carving classes. Although Roger's first love is his family, his second love is his hobby (and what Wayne Barton stated as Roger's "natural talent"), now begins his journey on the path of woodworking with geometrics and chip carving. Roger also took Woodcraft relief carving classes in 2007 and taught Woodcraft chip carving classes in 2007 and 2008.

Roger and his brother are the only woodworkers in his family, and Roger has come to find that his love, patience, eye for detail and persistence for perfection in woodworking aid him in taking more time in his occupation, fine tuning the artistic aspects of his contributions in the construction business. Roger would "love to be a woodcarver by trade when it becomes the right time, place and allowable conditions", "but then again it would not be a hobby!" However, he does sell some small commission pieces.

All of the Roger Strautman's Knife handles are made from Natural Wood and come with Roger's Signature, Series Number and Knife Number as to when they are made. All information is hand wood burned into the handle.

All knives are custom made by hand one at a time please allow 7-10 days to make them. Don't forget to add a sheath or strop with these mighty fine knives.

Series 1 Chip Carving Knife - The blade is approximately 3/4" long and made from .030 stock thickness. The handle is Maple wood approximately 5-3/4" long with a added piece of cherry wood on the end.

Series 2 Stab Knife - The blade is approximately 7/8" long and made from .050 stock thickness, the cutting edge is approximately 3/4" long. The handle is Cherry wood approximately 4" long.