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CCA carver P.J. Driscoll and Rich & Holli Smithson of Helvie Knives have been working together to bring out a new line of Signature Series knives. We are proud to have P.J. join our Signature Line of knives.

P.J. and his wife, Marge, of 40 years live in LaVista, NE. They have been residents in Nebraska their entire life. They have 2 married sons, Pat and Jeff, and 1 married daughter. His sons and son-in-law have followed in P.J.'s footsteps joining the Omaha Fire Department.

P.J.'s love for carving began in 1992. He also joined the Mid-America Woodcarvers at that time. Becoming an active member and holding numerous positions on the boarding including the current position of 2nd vice president. He is also a member of the Affiliated Wood Carvers and Eastern Woodland Carvers Club. P.J. enjoys a variety of carving: chainsaw, relief, animals-but always seems to go back to caricatures. He enjoys and remains dedicated to caricature carving. Since retirement from the Omaha Fire Department in 2007, he can now devote his time to carving along with spending time with his family.

P.J enjoys teaching classes as well as taking classes. He has taught at the "Doane Experience" in Crete, NE, International Woodcarvers Congress, CCA Converse Competition and numerous seminars across the country. He enjoys learning new techniques to better himself at his favorite hobby, so you will often find him as a student in many carving classes.

P.J. has been honored with numerous awards. He considers some of his greatest carving achievements to be: Best of Show CCA 2007, second Best of Show; People's Choice CCA, 2004 and having a style of his own. He has been a consistent blue ribbon winner in Mid-America Woodcarving shows. P.J. has judged numerous woodcarving shows throughout Nebraska and Iowa. In 2008, he was inducted into the CCA. Next to his family, he considers his induction to be his greatest achievement and feels honored to be a member. P.J. is proud to have been involved in the CCA Caricatures in Motion book and is currently working on the new project. He has made numerous friendships and feels very lucky to have met so many influential and interesting people.

P.J. and Marge's greatest enjoyments are their children and grandchildren. Currently they have 5 grandsons and 1 granddaughter, with 2 more grandchildren on the way. They enjoy traveling, spending time together, taking walks, swimming and babysitting the grandkids.

The family always enjoys seeing what is new on the carving bench. Usually laying claim to the carvings once completed. The family has some seasonal favorites such as chainsaw carved pumpkins and the ever famous Santa Claus and Christmas ornaments.

All of the P.J.'s Knife handles are made from Natural Wood and come with P.J.'s Signature, his logo, Series Number and Knife Number that corresponds to the order they are made. All designs on the knife are hand wood burned into the handle. All handles are approximately 5 inches in length

All knives are custom made by hand one at a time please allow 7-10 days to make them. Don't forget to add a sheath or strop with this mighty fine knife.

Series 1 - Roughout Flex Knife - The Blade is approximately 2-1/2" long and 1/2" wide and made from .050 stock thickness. The blade has the "Flex" grind to it. The handle is natural wood approximately 5" long.