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Rich Wetherbee Signature Series Knife


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Renowned woodcarver Rich Wetherbee and Rich & Holli Smithson owners of Helvie Knives have been working together to bring out a new Signature Series knife. Rich Wetherbee was born in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains where he befriended an old Mountain Man named "Goat". Ole Goat took the young Wetherbee under his wings and showed him the many ways to carve faces out of the stone hard pitch pine limbs. After many years of trekking to ole Goats shack in the Rocky Mountains, Wetherbee felt he had learned all he could from ole Goat, who had only one good eye. He began his next journey in life and joined up with some carvers to form what is now known as the Caricature Carvers of America. He started off teaching throughout the states and burned himself out. With his guitar in hand and Winnebago fueled he traveled around the USA singing and playing the local watering holes. After a 10 to 15 year hiatus, depends on who is telling the story, he is back and ready to pass along the philosophies of Ole Goat. Helvie Knives is proud to introduce the Rich Wetherbee Signature Series Knife. The Rich Wetherbee Knife comes custom burned with Rich's signature on the handle and the end of the handle is number in series as to when it was made, handles are made of natural wood.


Rich Wetherbee Signature Series 1 is a Roughout Knife, the blade is approximately 2-1/4" long and 1/2"wide.

Rich Wetherbee Signature Series 2 is a Detail Knife, the blade is approximately 1-1/4" long and 5/16"wide.

Rich Wetherbee Signature Series 3 is a Medium Detail Knife, the blade is approximately 1-3/4" long and 3/8" wide.

Rich Wetherbee Clay Tool (RWCT 101) Rich has designed a clay tool that is 2 tools in one handle. One end has a approximately 1-3/4" long 1/4" wide knife it is beveled but not woodcarving sharp on the other end is a diamond plate that is bent it is approximately 1-1/2" long and 5/16" wide. Both are polished to a mirror finish. The handle is approximately 5"long and all natural hard woods and will vary.

Helvie Knives is proud to add Rich Wetherbee to the line of Signature Series Knives.

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