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Rich Smithson Signature Knife

Starting at: $38.00


Rich Smithson was always interested in art; wether it be painting, drawing, scultpure or graphic design. He loves all mediums of art. He proceded to enroll in Fine Arts at Ball State University where he earned a Bachelor of fine Arts degree majoring in Illustration.

In 1993 he began working with Ken Helvie at Helvie Knives and was facinated with the woodcarving knives. He was joined by his future wife, Holli in the year 2001 at Helvie Knives. Rich and Holli were married in 2002 and bought out Ken Helvie in 2004 and moved the business to Tipton, IN. That my folks is where the journey begins.

Holli and I have taken Helvie Knives and tried to explore all avenues of woodcarving. The addition of the Signature Knives collection is a valuable asset and growing. Working closly with renowned woodcarvers has been a thrill for us and we have built some close friendships through this process. I finally took the plunge and decided to make one for myself.

Rich, Holli and daughter Skylar reside in Tipton, IN. Daughters Venessa and Heather have flown the nest.

Signature Series 1 - Roughout Blade, approximately 1-3/4" long and approximately 1/2" wide with a slight down angle on the blade. Handle 4-3/8" long and made of natural wood.

Signature Series 2 - Detail Blade, approximately 1-1/4" long and approximately 5/16" wide with a slight down angle on the blade. Handle 4-3/8" long and made of natural wood.

Don't forget to add a sheath and strop.

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