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Helvie Knives LLC is now offering sharpened blades for those who wish to make their own handles. Please keep in mind that these blades are very sharp. Use extreme caution when working with them. The following blades will be offered for purchase;

RO 2" - Roughout straight blade approximately 2" long cutting edge, 7/16" wide and .050 thick.

RO 1-3/4" - Roughout straight blade approximately 1-3/4" long cutting edge, 7/16" wide and .050 thick.

MED DET. 1-1/2" - Medium Detail straight blade approximately 1-1/2" long cutting edge, 3/8" wide and .035 thick.

DET. 1-1/4" - Detail straight blade approximately 1-1/4" long cutting edge, 5/16" wide and .032 thick.

  • Shipping Wt: 0.125lbs