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Knife Sharpening

Helvie Knives LLC offers sharpening for wood carving knives. Prices and requirements are as follows:

  • Customer pays for shipping to and from Helvie Knives LLC.

  • There is a $2/each blade fee for a Helvie knife.

  • There is a $3/each blade fee for non-Helvie knives/blades up to 2" in length. Blades longer than 2" price will vary depending on the length.

  • Knives/blades that need repairs (i.e. broken tips), price will be determined by how damaged the blade/s are.

  • There is a $3/each tool fee for sizes under ½”.

  • There is a $5/each tool fee for sizes ½” & larger.

  • If paying through PayPal or with a debit/credit card there will be additional charges to the customer to cover those fees. We also accept checks and money orders with no additional fees associated

Please contact us with any questions.
Helvie Knives LLC
PO Box 145
Tipton, IN 46072


  • Shipping Wt: 0.125lbs