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Gerald Sears Signature Series Knife


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Renowned caricature woodcarver Gerald Sears and Helvie Knives have been working together to bring out a new line of knives, which should accommodate any hand size. Gerald and Barbara Sears have been woodcarving and painting for over 40 years winning many blue ribbons along the way. They have taught and inspired many carvers that have come in contact with them over the years. Gerald is a founding member of the Caricature Carvers of America.

Signature Series 1 and 2 have a longer and wider body style than the typical Helvie Knife.

Series 3 and 4 are the same body style only smaller, they are about the same size as a typical Helvie Knife. Each knife has Gerald's Signature and the series number on the bottom. The end of the knife has a knife number, like a serial number as to the order they have been made, so if you receive a number 00010, then you have the tenth knife made in that series.

Signature Series 5, 6 & 7 are made of the typical Helvie Pakkawood Handle with an added cap on the end of the knife.

Signature Series 8, 9 & 10 are made of the typical Helvie Pakkawood Handle with a single fingergroove in the handle. Want a smaller Gerald Sears handle, well there are the Palm Knives made in his style, Detail or Rough Out and there is a Mini Detail with the Gerald Sears handle.

Helvie Knives is proud to introduce the Gerald Sears Signature Series Knives.