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Bart Wilson Signature Series Knife


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Georgia's knife master Bart Wilson and Rich & Holli Smithson owners of Helvie Knives have been working together to bring out a new line of Signature Series knives.

Bart Wilson has always had an interest in woodcarving. In his younger years he had 2 influences with his uncle and a close family friend. He did not become fully involved until after he was married and started working shift work and got tired of watching daytime TV. After a trip to the mountains where he found a couple of bird blanks he came home and got busy and was hooked from there! He started looking for more ways to get involved and came across Tom and Nancy Wolfe who introduced him to The Charlotte Woodcarving Show and Chip Chats. He went to the show a few months later and he met so many wonderful people which opened many doors to the world of woodcarving.

Bart has competed regularly in the Charlotte Woodcarvers Show and The Caricature Carvers of America Annual Competitions and has won many ribbons with his carvings but will tell you very quickly that competing and winning ribbons is not near as important to him as the friendships he has made and maintained through woodcarving. He will also tell you that his best friends are woodcarvers and that he admires all their work.

Bart has taken quite a few carving classes over the years with Tom Wolfe being his first of many. Some of the other wonderful carvers are Pete Leclair, Pete Ortel and Phil and Vicki Bishop.

Helvie Knives is proud to add Bart Wilson to its line of Signature Series Knives.

Signature Series 1 - Roughout Blade, approximately 2" long and approximately 1/2" wide. Handle 4-1/4" long and natural wood.

Signature Series 2 - Medium Detail Blade, approximately 1-1/4" long and approximately 5/16" wide. Handle 4-1/4" long and natural wood.

Signature Series 3 - Roughout Blade, approximately 2-1/4" long and approximately 7/16" wide. Handle 4-1/4" long and natural wood.

Signature Series 4 - Roughout Blade, approximately 2-1/8" long and approximately 1/2" wide. Handle 3-1/2" long and natural wood.

Knives are custom made please allow 7-10 days shipping, don't forget to add a sheath and strop.